About Us

Empire Jeans is a new brand aimed at the cutting edge of men’s denim. Although the brand was only formed in 2014 its founder has been developing and producing men’s and ladies denim jeans for over 37 years.

We are proud to say that for all this time we have remained a truly British company, even today what sets us apart from any other UK brand is the fact we still purely manufacture all our denim jeans here in the UK. We have combined new methods and intricately combined them with good old fashioned manufacturing methods to ensure we offer a quality Made in UK product.

From our base here in the heart of the Black Country we carefully select our fabrics to ensure only the best quality denims are used, this is to ensure our customers like the feel and cut of the cloth, the design team then take these fabrics and use their imagination to create the products you see on our site.

We have heavily invested in specialist laundry equipment to give our jeans the finishing touch, we are currently the only UK manufacturer to offer our customers hand sanding, blast washing and chemical spraying, eventually turning this into the finished article. We truly hope you enjoy the experience and join us on this fantastic journey.

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